Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Organizing Committee of we ecstatically welcome you all to the GLOBAL ORTHOPEDIC SUMMIT 2024. This conference is meticulously planned for February in the beautiful city of Dubai, UAE. 

GLOBAL ORTHOPEDIC SUMMIT 2024 is the premier forum for professors, researchers, students, members of renowned societies and institutes, as well as members of academia and industry, to explore their common interest in the field of Orthopedics. 

We cordially invite all experts from academia, business, and industry from around the world to contribute to and shape this conference by submitting research abstracts, papers, and posters. Eventually, the Orthopedics 2024 conference promotes international interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange among technologists internationally.

Mission: To provide the highest quality orthopaedic education to learners and practitioners of all levels.

Vision: Through our inspiring international faculty, innovative programming, and vibrant interactions among all attendees, Orthopedics 2023 aspires to be the best orthopaedic educational event in the world. 

We believe we have created an exciting programme and conference structure that will encourage discussion and participation from attendees from all over the world. Orthopedics 2024 is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to address all participants, scholars, researchers, and industrial professionals in order to make the meeting a success.

Dubai will be a fantastic backdrop for our meeting, and you will be able to enjoy a fantastic social and scientific programme. We are excited to welcome you to Dubai.

We look forward to meeting you in Dubai!

Organizing Committee
Orthopedics 2024.